TNA Knockout Wins Fitness Contest + Piper/Ghosts Stories


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Michael Debyah sent this one in: I just watched “Celebrity Ghost Stories” on the Biography Channel and one of the celebrities was “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Piper told a brief summary of how he came up in the business and how he was a 22 year old kid with no family. He met another 22 year old kid named Adrian Adonis and they became best friends. Piper told one story of when he was mad at everyone and getting in arguments and Adonis helped calm him down and told him that he needed to buy a house. Buying a house would give him a sense of family life that Piper so desperately wanted. Adonis was adamant that Piper should buy a house and a couple of months later, he did. And it did make Piper happy. He then tells the tale of how Adonis died in a car accident and he missed his friend a great deal. Piper tells how his daughter would wake up while sleeping in the house and scream because she saw a man in her room. His son would see shadows and hear noises that had no explanation. One day when Piper was arriving home from a long road trip, his son comes running out of the house screaming that there is a man in the house. Piper storms in, ready to confront the intruder when he notices that the logs from the fireplace had tumbled out and caught the carpet on fire. He scrambled to put the fire out and when he looked up he saw Adrian standing there. Adrian said “Hey Roddy” and something else that I couldn’t make out and then he was gone. Piper says he just stood there for a long time and he didn’t want to leave that room. He was very emotional while telling this part of the story. He believed that Adrian Adonis is looking out for him and his family in the house that he encouraged Piper to buy. He calls Adrian his brother and that he would never believe in ghosts if this hadn’t happened to him. The whole story took about 15 minutes I think and was accompanied by bad re-enactments of Piper and Adonis. Overall, it was pretty interesting and seeing Piper get emotional and start to tear up was pretty amazing. Either he’s a really good actor or he really did experience this ghostly encounter.

— TNA’s Madison Rayne competed in her first fitness competition Saturday night and was very successful. Here is what she posted on Twitter… Did my first fitness competition (bikini) tonight!!!!! First place in my class, and overall bikini winner!!!! ‪#STOKED‬

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