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TNA Legend Chris “Wildcat” Harris Gives His Thoughts On Moose As Impact World Champion


TNA Original and tag team legend Chris Wildcat Harris recently sat down for an interview with the It’s My Wrestling Podcast. During the interview, Harris shared his thoughts on current Impact World Champion Moose and the job he has been doing since defeating Josh Alexander at Bound For Glory. He said,

What they’ve done with Moose, I was a big supporter of him coming up. I was like, that’s the guy they need to go with, and we see that’s what they did at Bound for Glory when he took that. I’m a big Josh Alexander fan so it was great to see him climb to the top, but that’s the direction we went. Then you know, Moose cashed in and got the title. Both of those guys were top top guys, but I really think they can go somewhere with Moose. I mean, he’s the one that can carry them.

That’s the thing when you’re picked as the top guy and you’re the world champion there’s a lot that goes with that and a lot of people don’t realise that. Moose can carry the company when he puts the strap on his shoulder, he’s the one carrying the company and when you look at him you’re like okay, that’s the guy. That’s believable, man. I mean, that’s legit. So I’m really excited where they can go from here.”

The full interview can be found here.

Have you enjoyed Moose’s run as Impact World Champion? Do you agree with Chris Harris when he says Moose can carry the promotion forward? Let us know below!

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