TNA Officially Celebrates Their 10-Year Anniversary Today


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— TNA officially celebrates their 10th anniversary today. The promotion held their first weekly PPV event on June 19th, 2002 in Huntsville, Alabama at the Von Braun Center Arena. The card included the following…

* The Flying Evises (Sonny Siaki, Jimmy Yang, and Jorge Estrada) beat A.J. Styles, Jerry Lynn, and Low Ki in a six-man tag

* Teo beat Hollywood in a midget match

* The Johnsons (w/Mortimer Plumtree) beat James Storm and Psicosis

* The Dupps beat Christian York and Joey Mathews

* Ken Shamrock won a 20-man Gauntlet for the Gold to become the NWA Champion. The following competed in the match: Ken Shamrock, Malice, Jeff Jarrett, Buff Bagwell, Lash LeRoux, Norman Smiley, Apolo, K-Krush (R-Truth), Slash (Wolfie D), Del Rios, Justice (Abyss), Konnan, Bruce, Rick Steiner, Toby Keith, Chris Harris, Vampire Warrior (Gangrel), Devon Storm, Steve Corino, and Brian Lawler.

— Other notes: Apolo defeated David Young in a dark match.

* Another dark match featured mammoth wrestler Cheex defeating Frank Parker. Cheex actually broke the ring prior to the promotion going live.

* Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrara were the commentary team.

* Jeremy Borash and Goldilocks did backstage interviews.

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