TNA Officials Lie About Case Of Stolen Belts?, Details


Multiple news outlets reported last week that two men were charged with stealing TNA Wrestling’s World Heavyweight Championship belt and a replica prior to a live event in Ottumwa, Iowa on Aug. 18 while a stagehand was unloading props from his truck. Sources affiliated with the wrestling organization told that the World Heavyweight Championship stolen was valued at $6,000.00 and ultimately returned. According to a person close to the chief of the Ottumwa Police Department, multiple claims made to both the department and were not true.

TNA Wrestling officials falsely said the belt was valued at $6,000.00. The department later received proof of purchase from Wildcat Belts, which showed that its stated value was exaggerated. According to, a real copy of the belt is valued at $2,750.00. also reported that the belts were returned to the wrestling organization. Ottumwa Police Department are actually maintaining possession of the belts as evidence pending trial. Also, the belts weren’t stolen from the equipment truck when a stagehand turned away momentarily as reported. The police source says TNA didn’t truthfully disclose how the property was stolen to as to not appear foolish in the story.

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