TNA Releases Coming Soon?, Moore Not Retiring, Bischoff


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— While no names have been confirmed, there is talk of more talent leaving the company soon.

— Shannon Moore stated over the weekend on Twitter that he is taking a hiatus from professional wrestling in order to focus on his tattoo business and spend time with his family. He clarified that he is not retiring. “I’m not retired just taking a break. Wrestling is fun to me. When it’s not….I walk away.I set myself up to be able to do so for a reason,” Moore wrote.

— Eric Bischoff has his first network TV show. Deadline reports that the series, about “the young, wild staff of The Catalina hotel in Miami’s South Beach,” is executive produced by Bischoff and Steve Hervey and will be set on the CW. The show is an unscripted reality show.

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