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TNA Reprising ‘Cross The Line’ Theme, Ash By Elegance Calls TNA Her Perfect Fit



TNA Wrestling is bringing back its classic “Cross the Line” theme song starting with tonight’s episode of TNA Impact on AXS TV.

The song has been used at live events and got a “positive reception.”

TNA tweeted, “Due to the overwhelmingly positive reception to it being featured on our recent live events, the iconic Cross the Line theme will return starting TONIGHT on #TNAiMPACT on @AXSTV!”

On a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Ash By Elegance (formerly WWE’s Dana Brooke) spoke about signing with TNA Wrestling and why she believes the Anthem-owned promotion is a perfect fit for her. She said,

“It feels, honestly, natural, and that’s something I wanted to be, is natural. I want to be who I am every single day. I don’t want to play a character. For many years, I was getting different roles and I would pick the ball (up) and I would go with it and run with it. This is an opportunity for me to embrace my true self, what I believe, and bring it to the ring. It feels truly amazing. When anybody is released from a company they have been with for quite some time, it’s like a bomb hits them. I’m a person, I’m a go getter, I’m a hustler, and I didn’t sit there and be like, ‘This is over with.’ Okay, what’s next? What’s next for me and how do I go out there and how do I go and get it? I knew that I didn’t want to stop wrestling. I wanted to keep going. As one door closes, another opens, and I truly believe TNA is the perfect fit for me. Going forward, when I am watching TNA Wrestling, I believe the Knockouts division is a group of such bada** wrestling. It’s hardcore wrestling and so many people within WWE for the past ten years…social media can be a great thing, but it can also be a negative thing. ‘Oh my God, just another pretty face. She’s the model type. She’s the blonde in WWE.’ No, I truly know what I’m capable of doing and TNA is going to let me show that side of myself and the potential that I have, I’m going to bring to the Knockouts division.”

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