TNA Star Calls Out CM Punk For Twitter Comments


As you certainly have heard by now, WWE Champion CM Punk took to his Twitter to speak out against Amendment 1 in North Carolina, which defined marriage in the state constitution as between one man and one woman. The measure would ban any other type of “domestic legal union,” including civil unions and domestic partnerships.

“Amendment 1 is ridiculous,” Punk wrote. “It’s an invasion of people’s rights. North Carolina, why do you care if somebody wants to marry who they love? Same sex marriage should be legal. The fact that it’s illegal is embarrassing.

“Divorce rate is at least 50% between men and women, so don’t give me the values angle. Making same sex marriage illegal is the same as having segregated drinking fountains. Embarrassing. The human race is embarrassing. #evolve”

TNA wrestler “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero criticized Punk’s comments and accused him of wanting to play God.

“So humored by the hypocrisy of those who wanna play GOD, or change what GOD intended,” wrote Dinero. “You wanna evolve? Seek GOD! Hows that for change?~PHS”

Punk and Dinero have history, as the Straight-Edge superstar has often referred to Dinero as the worst wrestler he’s faced, including during a radio appearance in February.

“My least favorite opponent; does anyone even remember Elijah Burke?” Punk told WISX FM in Philadelphia. “Oh, he was terrible. He is absolutely the worst. Absolutely the worst. Talk about a diva. Man oh man, sorry if you liked him.”

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