​TNA Storyline Update: ‘Bram’s’ Connection To Magnus


ImpactWrestling.com has posted an
, discussing Bram’s (former NXT talent Kenneth
Cameron) storyline connection to Magnus. Here is the explanation…

“With rumors swirling, we’ve begun searching for answers.
What we can now report is that Bram hails from Chesterfield, UK and was a
life-long friend of Magnus. Bram is said to be an extremely violent and
dangerous hooligan and the rumors insist that Magnus was once seen as the same.
We’re told that the bar brawls and ruthless violence in their past has become
something of a British legend. This leads us to question what separated Bram and
Magnus and why is Bram here now? Perhaps even more so, it begs the question:
where has this side of Magnus been and will we see the reign of Magnus return if
it is unleashed again?”

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