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Court Bauer Calls Salina De La Renta His Successor, Mustafa Ali Roasts Lio Rush



MLW founder Court Bauer considers Salina de la Renta a viable option for assuming a leadership role in the event of a management change.

Salina currently holds an onscreen position as an authority figure and is also actively involved behind the scenes in the organization.

In a recent interview with “WGN Radio,” Bauer said,

When I brought her in, I said, ‘Look, we want to start you at this level. My goal is for you to be one of the top three people behind the scenes of the company and executive level, not just creative, [but to] understand how you run a business.’ Thaw was when she was 21/22 ‘So, if you want that, we will help you get to that point. That’s where I see your future. If you want it, it’s up to you. I’ll say this, if something happened to me and I just wasn’t in MLW, if I drop dead, she’s one of the candidates to take over MLW. She’s got it,” he continued. “A lot of people don’t think about succession plans, especially promoters, because we’re in the moment, but she gets it. She knows how to work with talent. She knows how to run a business. Outside of wrestling, she works a lot in TV and film running businesses. So she gets it and so I say I would be very comfortable with somebody like Salina de la Renta one day running MLW. I think, if that were to happen, mission accomplished. I did my job in allowing her to have the skill set, the experience, and understanding of how to do a very complicated job, a very high-pressure job, and I don’t think she’d have a problem doing it.”

In a recent tweet, Mustafa Ali talked about his upcoming charity match with Lio Rush at NJPW Resurgence this weekend, which is scheduled to take place in Ontario.

Ali said, Hi, I’m Mustafa Ali. Today, I want to talk to you about the power of giving back. You see, our great industry was built on the idea of reaching down to those all the way at the bottom of the card and lending them a helping hand. It’s about being a humanitarian and saving someone’s career. Charitable work isn’t just about giving money. It’s about giving less talented individuals opportunities and exposure that they would never get on their own. So I am proud to announce that the Mustafa Ali campaign will be donating an exhibition match this Saturday in Ontario, California, for New Japan Pro-Wrestling. My opponent for this charity campaign match will be Lio Rush. Now, is Mr. Rush qualified or deserving to be in the ring with me? Of course not. But Mr. Rush is a gifted child, and I believe it is the responsibility of a leader such as myself to invest in the children of today because they will be the leaders of tomorrow. So I urge you, my fellow citizens, to join me in my noble cause for charity. Let’s stand together. Let’s give generously, and let’s make our industry great again. Thank you, good night, and remember, in Ali we trust.

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