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Joe Hendry On What Drew McIntyre’s Endorsement Means To Him



TNA Wrestling’s Joe Hendry was honored to receive words of support from Drew McIntyre, a star who has Undertaker-level significance in the UK.

During a recent interview, McIntyre made clear he believes in Hendry and praised his fellow Scotsman for winning fans over with his wrestling and musical ability.

On a recent edition of the “Insight” podcast, Hendry was asked about what the comments from WWE’s first Scottish World Champion meant to him. He said,

“I appreciated that. I really did. That means a lot because, again, I’ve said this as well. I’m gonna compare him to someone you met recently, which is, to me, on the UK Indies, Drew was our Undertaker. He was the guy you went to, he lifted the shows, he was an example. To me, he is just like Jordynne [Grace], like Drew is an example inside and outside of the ring.

“I was absolutely honored for him to say that, especially when this was his moment and to even just take a second to say that he knew how big that endorsement was going to be for me. So I’m always grateful for having worked with Drew unbelievable wrestler unbelievable human being. Just, you know, him and Jordynne are credits to the business.”

Hendry recently appeared in WWE NXT as part of a battle royal. Both NXT and TNA were pleased with his role at the show and it’s believed this won’t be his last.

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