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Leon Slater – ‘Ricochet Coming To TNA Would Be Extremely Cool’



TNA Wrestling’s Leon Slater would be very interested to see Ricochet join the promotion amid reports that he is finishing his time with WWE.

Ricochet has reportedly informed WWE management that he will be leaving the company when his contract ends this summer, ending his six-year run that began in 2018.

In a recent interview with Cultaholic Wrestling, Slater, who joined TNA last year, spoke about Ricochet possibly joining the promotion. He said,

“I think that would be extremely cool, as I think a lot of people from my generation, we kind of grew up on Ricochet. Him and [Will Ospreay] really introduced this new style that we all kind of mold ourselves into. So to get to work with him would be incredible for sure, and I think more than anything, it’d be a real kick up the ass for us all in the X-Division to really up our game.

“Ricochet, no word of a lie, is one of the greatest high flyers of all time and one of the greatest to ever do this style that we do. So especially for me, I think it’d be a great challenge, and I think he’d be someone that I’d really want to step up to and up my game to face.”

Ricochet is the only man to have held the WWE U.S., Intercontinental, and NXT North American Championships, and is the inaugural WWE Speed Champion.

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