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Moose Reveals Which WWE Superstars He’d Like To Face Off Against



During a recent virtual signing with K&S Wrestlefest, Moose commented on which WWE Superstars he’d like to face off against if he crossed over to WWE as Jordynne Grace recently did. He said,

“That’s actually two guys that I would love to wrestle, especially Bron Breakker. We have similar backgrounds. We were both football players, and now we’re doing the thing we love in pro wrestling. Bron, fuck, he’s amazing. I love his style. I just gave him a huge shout-out. I sold one of his moves he did on TV. I was like oh my for, I don’t think I could do something like that. When he runs up and does the ‘rana, I was like oh my god, that’s nuts. But yeah, I think him, Gunther is a guy that when he was in the indies, we never touched which was very surprising because that was a lot of people’s dream match. He’s definitely somebody else I would love to lock horns with. I think it would be a great matchup.”

When asked about possibly facing off against Damian Priest, Moose stated,

“I’ve actually wrestled him before. I don’t remember who won. We were both puppies when we wrestled. This was probably seven years ago. It was before ROH. I don’t rememeber what happened in the match. I just know we were both young and green and not so good. That would be definitely be another good match-up now that we’re both very good in professional wrestling.“

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