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Moose – ‘Rob Gronkowski Could Be A Great Pro Wrestler’



Moose, a former NFL player and reigning TNA World Champion, believes that retired NFL athlete Rob Gronkowski has the potential to excel in professional wrestling.

Having briefly been teammates in the NFL, Moose praised Gronkowski’s personality and expressed his belief that the four-time Super Bowl Champion has the potential to become a Hall of Famer in wrestling, given his successful football career and crossover appearances in WWE.

In a recent interview with “Gabby AF,” Moose shared his thoughts on Gronkowski. He said,

“The one guy that comes to mind is, he was a teammate of mine, was [Rob] Gronkowski. I think he’s a meathead, but I think everybody knows that about him, that he’s a meathead, he’s just like a walking dumbo, but he’s very gifted, and when you look at him, as dumb as he is [laughs], and as meat-headed as he is, he’s a great human being. But he has that it factor. When you look at him, you’re like, man, there’s something about him, he’s a great. Obviously, he’s athletic because he played in the NFL, and he’s a Hall of Famer. So I think he’s one of those guys that if he really wanted to, he could be a great pro wrestler.” 

In 2017, Gronkowski appeared during the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33 to assist his friend Mojo Rawley.

Additionally, Gronkowski hosted WrestleMania 36, which aired on April 4–5, 2020, and secured the WWE 24/7 Championship on the second day of the event. Subsequently, he was honored with a Slammy Award as the Celebrity of the Year in WWE.

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