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NewsTNATommy Dreamer Denies Being The New Head Of TNA Creative - Details

Tommy Dreamer Denies Being The New Head Of TNA Creative – Details



Tommy Dreamer has denied reports that he is the new head of TNA Creative.

Fightful asked several sources who stated that TNA is “unchanged,” and creative is made up of Dreamer, Robert ‘RD’ Evans, and Hunter ‘Delirious’ Johnson.

The trio will now be supported by Gail Kim and Jorge Barbosa. Ariel Shnerer will oversee content and report directly to new President Anthony Cicione on all decisions about talent and creative.

Shnerer is the former General Manager of The Fight Network and helped launch TNA+. He currently manages Anthem distribution, including TNA’s deal with DAZN and distribution of TNA’s streaming channel on Pluto TV, Roku, and more.

Barbosa is Anthem’s senior producer and creator of the TNA Diary series.

Pwinsider is reporting that the original story is “100% incorrect,” in regards to Dreamer being part of the TNA creative.

Shnerer has the last word on creative decisions, and if there was a new head of creative, it would be him.

On today’s edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Dreamer said,

I’m so glad people know things about my life that I don’t know. Everything is staying intact of how it was before with myself, Robert Evans, and Delirious. There are no changes. Purposely made sure that was a thing. Whoever reported about stuff in my life, thank you, but as someone who has been doing the same stuff the entire time I’ve been there, nothing has changed. Thanks for the promotion. I hope I get a raise. If I was head of creative, Moose is losing the title to me at the next show. Book myself on top, brother. It’s the same deal as before. Nothing has changed within the creative process.

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