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Toa Liona On Nearly Turning Down AEW Offer, Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch News



Toa Liona is a mainstay in Ring of Honor with occasional appearances in AEW, and he recently recalled how he nearly declined an offer for extra work from QT Marshall early in his career.

Liona recently appeared on the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast and discussed how he got an opportunity to do some extra work from Marshall for AEW and almost declined the offer. He said,

“So [my family] moved to LA and started doing that and started training with [Rikishi] just back and forth, and then the opportunity came where I got in contact with QT. Then, just like I told you guys earlier, man, at first I said [to myself], ‘No.’ I knew you only get one chance, one opportunity, and the first impression is everything, so I was scared. And I spoke to my wife and she [was] just like, ‘Why? Why didn’t we move down here?’ And I was like, ‘That’s a very good point.’”

Liona debuted for AEW in October 2021 on Dark: Elevation. Since then, he has teamed up with Kaun as the Gates of Agony and signed with AEW/ROH, where they currently hold the Six Man Tag Team Titles with Brian Cage.

Mike Knox and Trevor Murdoch won the 2023 NWA Crockett Cup over the weekend, and the NWA posted a new video where the duo celebrated their grand victory backstage.

Knox and Murdoch defeated Blunt Force Trauma in the finals of the tournament at Sunday’s event.

Murdoch told Knox that he believed in their teamwork before issuing an open challenge to the entire NWA locker room.

You can check out the clip below:

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