Tod Gordon Named President Of Hardcore Roadtrip


A press release was sent out today declaring Tod Gordon the President of Hardcore Roadtrip. The promotion will debut in three months in London, Ontario, Canada.

The press release reads: “It all started back on Wednesday October 24th when the board of directors made the decision that we needed a commissioner to be in charge to help organize the chaos that will be Hardcore Roadtrip. The Board of Directors approved The Hiring of Raven as the commissioner of the company and offered him a 3 Year Iron Clad Contract that would give him full control to book any match he wants. What followed was what the staff around the office have dubbed “HELL WEEK” Many believe giving Raven this long term contract was a huge mistake as Raven turned into a control freak around the office and his verbal assaults and attacks on his coworkers were part of his one week reign of terror at the office.

The Board of Directors sat down the following Wednesday and came to the conclusion that the hiring of Raven as Commissioner was a monumental mistake and by the end of the week had signed on the ECW Founder Tod Gordon as company president as of Friday November 2nd. So we have been dealing with some massive heat between Raven and the rest of the front office ever since this fiasco went down.”

It was announced that there will be an 8 man tournament for Saturday, March 2nd in London, ON for Banned in the USA and Born 2B Wired. You can find tickets here, which start at $20.

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