Today In Pro Wrestling History (7/5) Vince McMahon Trial, David Flair Given Title & The Monday Night Wars


Former WWF star Hillbilly Jim turns 62 today.

3-time WCW Tag Team Champion Jerry Sags turns 50 today.

Former ECW, WWF, & WCW worker Jamie ‘JC Ice’ Dundee turns 43 today.

1962: Buddy Rogers & Johnny Barend defeated Johnny Valentine & Bob Ellis to win the NWA Northeast United States Tag Team Titles.

1982: The Von Erichs (Kevin & Kerry) defeated King Kong Bundy & Bugsy McGraw to win the WCCW American Tag Team Titles.

1992: WCW held a live event at the Omni Coliseum in Atlanta, Georgia and the main event saw Terry Gordy & Steve Williams defeated The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott) to win the WCW Tag Team Titles.

1993: Jerry Lawler defeated Owen Hart to win the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Title.

1994: Vince McMahon’s criminal trial on charges of steroid distribution began in Long Island, New York. 

1999: WWF Monday Night Raw defeated WCW Monday Nitro: 6.2 to 3.3 in the ratings.

1999: David Flair was awarded the vacant WCW United States Title on Nitro.

2009: one-time WWWF United States Tag Champion and NWA star Waldo von Erich died at the age of 75.

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