Tom Lawlor Discusses His New MLW Deal


Recently, a lot of speculation was put to rest when Tom Lawlor inked a new deal with MLW.

Speaking on Filthy Four Daily, Lawlor discussed his new deal with MLW and the freedom it will allow him.

“I was offered a very good deal by MLW to stay. That deal allows me not only to continue to do battle with [Jacob] Fatu, amongst others. It also allows me to continue wrestling across the globe for a variety of different promotions. In my life, right now, that’s something very important to me. It would not be offered by virtually any other company. My contract, up until recently, was non-exclusive to a degree. I was available to most companies. They did not sign me up. MLW gave me a great offer. We went back-and-forth over the last couple of months. I didn’t know what my future was going to hold, but MLW came through. We came to an agreement that allows me a lot of leeway as far as what my future holds while keeping me underneath their banner.”

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