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Tom Lawlor Discusses Potential MLW Match With King Mo


Tom Lawlor recently did an interview with 411Mania to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

If he’s interested in facing King Mo in MLW:

Oh, absolutely. Like I said earlier, it’s a different type of wrestler, different style. I’m sure that King Mo and I could do quite a few things that you wouldn’t be able to do with anybody else in the ring, and I wouldn’t be able to do with anybody else in there. So, I think that’s one of the things that appeals to me the most.

Like I said, we measure all these different kinds of styles of wrestling, but I mean, my favorite thing to do is get in there and have a fight with somebody. King Mo, Low Ki, Davey Boy Smith, Simon Gotch, Dominic Garrini, among others, Tim Thatcher, Douglas James, you know there’s tons of guys out there. LA Park. There’s tons of guys out there who can fight, and I love that aspect of MLW.

MMA fighters crossing over and having success in wrestling:

This is nothing new. There’s been sports stars and athletes mingling with professional wrestling here in the US ever since it’s been going on. You know, it just so happens that UFC and MMA wasn’t around until the mid-90s. So, you didn’t have those crossovers going on until, obviously Dan Severn was wrestling. Ken Shamrock was already a professional wrestler at that point.

And if you really want to delve into it, really professional wrestling and mixed martial arts in Japan have been intertwined ever since the beginning. Rikidozan became famous by essentially backstabbing Kimura, the man who defeated Helio Gracie, which is pretty famed in MMA and jiu-jitsu circles. So, they’ve always been connected, and now, it’s no different. So I love when that question comes up.

His goals for 2020:

You know what’s funny? That question, right, right now, this second is the very first time I’ve thought about that. It’s the very first time I’ve thought about anything in my life changing because it’s a new decade, because it’s a new year. It is business as usual. On the first of the year, I got up and I busted my ass. The next day, I got up and I busted my ass. The next day, I got up — I didn’t want to, I was telling me I didn’t want to, but I got up and I busted my ass. Right? I am disciplined beyond belief. The only motivation I need is the fact that I know every single day I get up, I am going to make myself tougher than the next day.

Where he’d like to compete in the future, possibly Bloodsport again in the future or NJPW:

Well, I competed at the last Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport against Davey Boy Smith. I do not believe I will be at the upcoming one this year. Yeah, I’m open to anything that I can contractually do. Like I said, I’m open to MMA fights. I’m open to professional grappling matches, which I’ve done in the past. I’m open to bareknuckle boxing, moat fighting, whatever. I would love to go to different countries and wrestle. I have some opportunities to do that upcoming, and I would love to simply wrestle at new places across the country. All these things appeal to me.

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