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NewsTom Lawlor Says He Hasn’t Had Any Talks With AEW Or WWE...

Tom Lawlor Says He Hasn’t Had Any Talks With AEW Or WWE Yet, More



During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, former MLW Superstar Tom Lawlor revealed that he hasn’t spoken with AEW or WWE yet. He also commented on possibly joining American Top Team in their ongoing feud with the Men of the Year in AEW, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On if he’s had any discussions with Tony Khan or WWE: “No, not unless unless it was on the DVD VR message board back in the day. I don’t remember doing so. No, I’ve had no talks with anybody from that side or the other big one that I’m assuming you’re gonna bring up. You’re talking about WOW, right?”

On the idea of joining the ATT & Men of the Year vs. Inner Circle storyline: “I don’t think they necessarily need me in that angle whatsoever. They’ve got plenty of stars on the ATT side of things. They’ve got Jorge Masvidal, who’s a far bigger star in the world of MMA than I ever was. Paige VanZant, which brings in an entirely different demographic for MMA viewers. Dan Lambert’s an awesome mouthpiece. It’s not like they need somebody to go out there and talk for them. Junior dos Santos, he was the heavyweight champion in the UFC. It doesn’t get much more prestigious than that. He won that huge fight over Cain Velasquez on FOX that had great viewership back in the day. Like I said, I don’t think I’m needed for them at all.”

On his impressions of AEW: “I guess, early on, I wasn’t able to watch as much AEW just because of my life schedule, but I found more time recently. My kids have grown up. Timing changes a little bit and I found more time to watch the shows, and now with Hulu, I can get the west coast feed live. It’s a lot easier to watch it rather than having to watch it later on at night.

“So I have caught a lot more of it. For the most part A+. The action’s great. The angles aren’t insulting, for the most part. I can’t think of something. I mean, obviously, there’s always gonna be blunders like the explosion with Kingston and Moxley, but I thought they did as good of a job trying to cover that up as they could.”

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