Tommaso Ciampa On Creativity: ‘Give Me Five Minutes & I’ll Make It The Best Five Minutes I Can’


“No one will survive” when Tommaso Ciampa is creative and makes the best of any situation.

WWE Superstar Tommaso Ciampa was recently interviewed by Metro UK’s Alistair McGeorge as he spoke about comedy, wrestling creativity, and other topics that were also discussed below:


Tommaso Ciampa on not being hard to please creatively: “Creatively, I’m not very hard to please in the sense that I just view it as, ‘Give me five minutes and I’ll make it the best five minutes I can,’ whatever that means. Whatever I’m asked to do. If comedy is in my future, whatever it is, I don’t know – I just look at it like, there’s no ending to this. So, if I do comedy for a couple of months, it doesn’t mean after that I can’t go back and do something else I might enjoy. There’s no end.”

On his famous moments in PWG: “I think my most famous times were probably made most famous by my times in PWG – stuff that I kinda did around the circuit and perfected. The thumb incident with Liger, the singing and doing slow-motion wrestling. Those are things that I guess are in my past but they’re things that I look back on so fondly. It’s just the entertainment part of this business that I just love so much. It’s what, to me, pro wrestling is. There’s no definition of it, right? When you can do all those things and have crowds that are singing along to I Believe I Can Fly, and going in slow-mo, reacting to pretend grenades – it’s awesome.”

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