Tommy Dreamer Blogs, Edge’s New Film, & More News


— Tommy Dreamer has his latest column for the Whig Standard posted. In it he talks about a booking he took in Mexico recently, which led to him thinking he was about to get kidnapped for ransom while walking the streets of Mexico City and more. You can check out the blog post at

— Edge’s WWE Studios film Bending the Rules with Jamie Kennedy is set to be released on March 9th. The film will be getting the standard limited release followed by a quick home video release. The film is expected to be hyped heavily in the coming weeks along with WrestleMania.

— TNA has announced they they will be running a house show on April 21st in Estero, Florida. Tickets go on sale March 9th, with fans that purchase a $50 ticket getting a “special Meet and Greet” with TNA stars the night of the show at 5:30 PM. Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode and James Storm are advertised for the show.

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