Tommy Dreamer Calls Zack Ryder an ‘Idiot’ for Spending so Much Money on Action Figures


During a video he posted on Twitch, ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer called out WWE star Zack Ryder, calling him an “idiot” for spending so much money on action figures. Dreamer offered to sell him his custom WWE Hardcore Championship.

Here’s what he had to say:

I’ve offered to sell that New York title to Zack Ryder for now, $40,000, since he bought a bunch of action figures for $40,000, ’cause he’s an idiot. Once this all gets settled, I guarantee you that the WWE will probably start doing massive layoffs. Because it’s going to be a lot of recoup time. And I will say, I bet you wish you had your 40 G’s back, and not in action figures there buddy. It’s nuts. And if you listen to his podcast, he finally revealed how much he paid for a Honky Tonk Man..I’m sorry, a Greg ‘the Hammer’ Valentine ‘Rhythm and Blues’ action figure, where he bid…how much did he say? $12,000 or $14,500. And he lost by $100. Supposedly, that’s the only one in the world, but, there’s three, and he has the second one.

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H/T 411Mania for the transcriptions

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