Tommy Dreamer Claims Katie Vick Was Going To Lead To Match Between “Scott Vick” & Triple H


Tommy Dreamer commented on the infamous “Katie Vick” angle on the House of Hardcore podcast.

According to Dreamer, the angle was going to lead to a match between “Scott Vick” and Triple H at WrestleMania XIX in 2003. For those who are unaware of the what the Katie Vick angle was, the storyline featured Triple H exposing Kane for being involved in the death of Katie Vick, who was his fictional girlfriend years prior. It involved Triple H later going to her “funeral” dressed as Kane and “having sex” with her corpse. Kane never really got any revenge and Triple H went on to feud with Shawn Michaels.

Dreamer said,

The whole Katie Vick, narcolepsy [Necrophilia] angle, that all came about through Vince and the payoff of all that was going to be Sick Boy Scott Vick was going to wrestle Triple H at WrestleMania to avenge his sister, who was dead. That all came about when Sick Boy Scott Vick had a dark match tryout and Vince just liked the name Scott Vick because they couldn’t call him Sick Boy. This horrible angle with Kane and Triple H was going to be the caveat to headlining WrestleMania with Scott Vick avenging his sister Katie Vick. I remember Johnny [John Laurinaitis] having to tell Vince, ‘that’s great, but he’s not employed here.’ He was on a tryout. People have gotten hired on a lot weirder things but I think after that, it was just, ‘Oh,’ and we lost that amazing WrestleMania to avenge [Sick Boy’s] sister’s horrible degradation of her grave. That’s sometimes how these crazy things happen in WWE.

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