Tommy Dreamer Comments on Being Knocked Unconscious By Bob Holly, and More


During the latest edition of “Dark Side of the Ring: After Dark”, Tommy Dreamer commented on being knocked unconscious by Bob Holly, and more. You can check out some highlights from the broadcast below:

On getting three concussions in one week, how wrestling has changed: “I remember getting three concussions in a week, and yeah, I worry about things like that but I don’t have any, I guess, regrets, because that’s just kind of what we did. All sports have changed for the betterment of the athlete and WWE has gone above and beyond to help protect the athlete, so that’s what we gotta do, you gotta keep on progressing, keep on moving forward. I have donated my brain to Chris Nowinski and his foundation just because with all the stuff with the NFL, and if they can find something in my brain to help other people, cool, I’m all for it.”

On how common concussions were in wrestling: “It’s so hard to tell. Rob Van Dam has a hell of a documentary called Head Strong and he says he thinks he’s had over 100. What would be determined a concussion? For me, yeah I know I used to kind of fight through concussions. Van Dam would put me on the guardrail and he would kick a chair as hard as he could into my head. And I remember I would be able to fight it. It would be like everything was going black and I’d be like, no, no, no, and I’d feel like I was on a train and then there would be a light and I would fight it and pop out of the concussion, everything was moving fast and it was almost a weird audio of people, like slow motion, and then I’d pop right out of it, like woah, I’m back. And that was all the time.”

On wrestling Bob Holly for nine minutes while unconscious: “I was slapped by Bob Holly and was out on my feet on a match on Velocity and I wrestled for nine minutes, unconscious, and I woke up with him giving me his finish. And I don’t remember the match, I remember nothing until waking up, and I was like, why am I sleeping in the middle of the ring, and then the match was over and the ref was like get out of the ring. But I was out for at least six, seven minutes but I was on autopilot and finished the entire match and I was fine, except for then I kept repeating to Bob, ‘Hey man, how was everything,’ because I didn’t really know Bob, Bob’s a bit of a, he was a bit of a jerk back then, but it actually made us closer, and then I confided in him, because I was new to WWE and I was like, ‘Um, I don’t remember the match after you slapped me.’ And he was like, ‘Really?’ And he goes, ‘You were great.’ And I was like, ‘Maybe I should wrestle more unconscious.’”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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