Tommy Dreamer Comments On Raven’s Heat Backstage In WWE, The ECW “Invasion”, & Tons More


During a recent appearance on Robbie E’s “Why It Ended” podcast, former WWE and ECW Superstar and House of Hardcore owner Tommy Dreamer commented on his run with WWE, the ECW “invasion”, Jim Ross, Raven’s heat in WWE and lots more. You can check out some highlights and audio from the podcast below:

On backstage politics in WWE: “There was very little politics in ECW. Political games hit the moment you get there in WWE and of course you want to succeed and why you want to succeed is money. Would I love to be champion? Yeah, but it didn’t happen. There was a few pushes on the table. I was supposed to do 2-3 pay-per-views with Triple H and that did not pan out. I was supposed to be, at one point, tag team champions with Rob Van Dam and that didn’t pan out. It was not in the cards and you know why? Because wrestling is fake and you’re only as good as somebody wants you to be, so it’s OK. I have no regrets on anything that I did and that’s why my career has not ended and I will wrestle 206 shows this year.”

On Raven’s heat backstage in WWE: “Have you ever met Raven? Raven back then had a lot of heat. He would be himself and he would also solicit. He was, at one point, not allowed to talk in the WWE locker room for two months. He had to go to wrestler’s court and the only time he was allowed to speak was when he was able to go over his matches and if he was caught speaking, his sentence would double, so he went a month, maybe two months without speaking. Pretty funny. Sh*tty time for him, but he kinda dug his own grave.”

On his backstage work in WWE: “I don’t think a lot of people realize that I was 29 years old when ECW went out of business and I had given my twenties to ECW and now I’m in my thirties and they’re telling me they want me to pretty much retire and work in the office. I was not happy with that position, but my wife, at the time, was pregnant with our twins and there was no wrestling going on other places, so it was either take a job or you’re going to be unemployed. The cool thing about that and I learned a lot from my time in the office and I learned the politics. I learned a lot from Vince [McMahon] and I learned a lot from John Laurinaitis, almost how to play the game even though I don’t like it, but I did and it actually helped me for my second run in the company. I got to see two sides to every story because jerk wrestlers….are always like, ‘It’s the office against me. It’s always us vs them,’ when it’s not always that case because no one wants to look in the mirror and say, ‘Maybe it’s me. Should I be champion? I should be heavyweight champion,’ but then you think about it, how can you be heavyweight champion when they chant for another company called ECW? Or how could you be a champion when you wear a tee-shirt and the boss likes muscular guys? No one wants to say those things. People just want to blame other people for their lack of a push. That’s why I did a lot of soul searching and a lot of learning. I also found out that WWE wanted me in the office from day one.”

On his happiest WWE moment: “My contract was coming up. I was not happy. I said, ‘Hey listen. You’re not doing much with me. Those three years with the original ECW, the highest rated matches were me. I was involved in every single one of them.’ Myself and Chavo Guerrero was the highest. Then myself vs Mark Henry. Then myself vs The Great Khali. They were the highest rated shows. Then I went to Vince and the cool thing with me and Vince’s relationship is that he always made time for me…I was like, ‘Hey man, you’re supposed to be this great business man. Here’s your numbers and yet you’re not going with me. I don’t think that’s great business, so my contract’s coming up. Let’s do this angle and if I don’t win, I’m done and I’ll just leave. If you want me here, then I’ll win and we’ll see where it goes.’ That’s how that happened. They told me that Jack Swagger was retaining all day and I kinda knew that was bs because Johnny was talking about my contract, ‘Vince loves you. You’re gonna be here.’ ‘OK, cool….’ I knew they were kinda ribbing me and they went with me winning it, so we had two finishes going out there and we went with the one that we knew was gonna happen, so even in my happiest moment I couldn’t be totally happy because I had to be angry. [I didn’t fully know I was winning] until the second guy’s music hit.”

On the ECW invasion: “WWE was talking to me. That weekend I did two shows for Dusty Rhodes, for his Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling and then I flew to Buffalo to do an ECW reunion show that I was running. It was on a Sunday and on that flight when I landed in Buffalo, I was told that I was gonna be at RAW and then I had to fly back down to Atlanta and the whole time we were driving, Dusty was like, ‘Are you kayfabing me about going to WWE?’ I was like, ‘Dude, I know nothing. JR [Jim Ross] has called me, but I haven’t heard. This has been going on a long time.’ I found out the Sunday before I went there and he said, ‘Nicole call you?’ That was the secretary and they changed my travel….they’re like, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll fly you from Buffalo to Atlanta, Atlanta to La Guardia.’ I found out the night before. I agree it was one of the best RAWs because we shocked the world. They never saw it coming. I loved it and I remember right before I went out, Rob Van Dam was doing those quick little jumping jack things that he does and he goes, ‘Dude, you nervous?’ and I went, ‘No.’ He was like, ‘Yeah, me neither.’ Then I go, ‘Man, I really wish Louie Spicolli was alive because he’d be marking out and the first guy to call us.’ Kane was in the ring like, ‘Go! Go!’ We were having a regular conversation like this and we hit the ring, so then I worked that and then I worked the next night. I didn’t even have a contract.”

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