Tommy Dreamer Denies Howard Finkel Suffered a Stroke in 2018


During the latest edition of “Busted Open Radio”, Tommy Dreamer shot down the rumors that Howard Finkel had suffered a stroke. There were a lot of rumors over the last few years after Jerry Lawler said “The Fink” “may have had a stroke.”

Dreamer noted that Finkel had a genetic brain disease that had stroke-like symptoms. He said,


“A lot of people said Howard had a stroke. Howard had a rare genetic brain disease that, his brain was shrinking. And I hate that, because the whole ‘Outthink the Fink,’ and he was slowly losing his, his mind. He had stroke-like systems, but he kept falling because of his brain. I didn’t post pictures of us on social media [when we visited] every time — I took them all the time I would see him. Neither did Justin [Roberts], because Howard had such pride. He didn’t want the people to know that he was sick. He didn’t want people to feel sorry for him.”

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