Tommy Dreamer Hypes House Of Hardcore II Event



Tommy Dreamer recently spoke about running House of Hardcore II in Philadelphia. Here are the highlights…

On Running in Philadelphia: “I know how passionate Philadelphia is about its sports teams, and that’s exactly how I view pro wrestling. Philly is known for its honesty. I am a brutally honest person, anyone who knows me will tell you that. And I love Philadelphia because it’s like me. I’m a wrestling fan, and I want to give the people coming a great night out,” he said. “So we have Ric Flair, we have Terry Funk stepping in a wrestling ring one more time, we have The Young Bucks against Brian Kendrick & Paul London, and there will be things that no other tag teams can do in this one, and then you have the Steiner Brothers and there will be fans who want to see them, and then you have young guys like Tony Ness, Sami Callihan and unheralded guys like Pety Williams. And we’ll have surprises because I love surprises. We have the same saying that we had in ECW and that’s ‘go out and steal the show.’ If the guy behind you can’t follow you, they shouldn’t be there. I want a kickass show.”

On House of Hardcore Being Different Than ECW: “In ECW, we were all blood and guts, but that was a different era,” Dreamer said. “Now, it’s just good wrestling. No foul language. I went to my first wrestling show when I was 8. I went with my father and I watched Ric Flair versus Ricky Steamboat and my dad said, ‘that was real.’ That was great wrestling and that’s what we want to do. We just want to put on a fun, three-hour show.”

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