Tommy Dreamer Says Vincent Wasn’t Originally Set To Be In The Honor No More Angle


During the latest edition of his “House of Hardcore” podcast, Tommy Dreamer revealed how Vincent became part of the Honor No More group despite not being part of the original plans for the faction. He said,

“You kind of fell into this situation. S*** happens. You were not part of the original group. You went [to IMPACT] just to have a meeting and show your face. Even though I’m a big fan of yours and a bigger fan every single week, one of the members who washing to be in the group gets COVID and we’re like, ‘We have to do this,’ and you were there. That worked out for you because you’re having a match, ‘Hey, this guy is pretty good.’ I knew you were good but hadn’t seen you wrestle in forever. I love the look and character. You were handed the ball and you scored for yourself. You’re part of a hot group and hot angle within the world of IMPACT Wrestling.”


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