Toni Storm Thinks WWE Mae Young Classic Will Eventually Return


Toni Storm talked about the future of the Mae Young Classic while doing an interview with 

Here is what she had to say: 

On being allowed to work in the US: “Yeah, I’m not going to lie it’s been quite…it’s been quite the process. It’s been hard and I was stuck in the UK for quite a long time which was…yeah, it was kind of hard mentally because it just felt like there was no end in sight but I’m so glad that I’m finally here, like I’m finally…well, you could say home. This is home to me now and I think I’ve needed this for quite some time…so yeah, the process has been hard but I think it’s all smooth sailing from now on to be honest.”

On making her return to WWE: “Well to be honest, I think…all this time off, I must admit has changed me. It changed my perspective a lot. Obviously, it’s done wonders for me physically because I’m not being beat up every week, like I had some time to get myself together, get to feeling good again. Mentally, it was very strange, it was very weird but I think it put in perspective how much I need this because it’s been the longest time I ever had off since I was 13 so it was…it was weird and it didn’t sit right with me, I didn’t really like it that much, so I think I’m gonna come back with like, a whole different attitude. I’m fresh and I’m ready and I’m more pumped than ever because it really does put everything in perspective – how much this really is my life. I think everyone can expect some good stuff.”

On Ember Moon returning just after she did: “Yeah, I just think it adds a lot more excitement to the mix and like, I’m up for the challenge. She didn’t know that I was going to be returning, I didn’t know that she was going to be returning. That just kinda made it all the more exciting I think, and obviously she’s gonna want to be going after Io but everyone’s trying to go after Io and like, the difference with me is I’ve already beaten Io before, I know exactly how to do it, I know where all her weaknesses are and so I’m pumped, I’m ready.”

On the possible return of the Mae Young Classic: “I’m sure eventually it would come back provided it was possible. It was great – obviously that was like the first thing that got my foot in the door in WWE and it’s like the first time I got to establish myself and show the world who I am. I’m assuming that if it can be done, it totally would be done, because that’s where you see like a whole bunch of good women come in and show what they can do and I think the world wants to see that.”

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