Tony Khan Appears On “A Shot Of Brandi” (Video), Aldis Hits NWA Milestone, More


Nick Aldis has officially hit 700 days as the NWA World champion. Between both his reigns, he’s closing in on 1,000 total days as champion.

You can check out the latest episode of “A Shot of Brandi” below. AEW President Tony Khan is the featured guest:

Moose tweeted the following today, revealing that his favorite TV show is Schitt’s Creek:

ROH Superstar Cheeseburger will be launching his own wrestling school, Worldwide Wrestling Dojo, in Bristol, Pennsylvania. You can check out the official announcement below:

Located in Bristol, PA, just outside of Philadelphia, the doors of the Worldwide Wrestling Dojo officially opened in June of 2018. Our motto is, “Quality talent needs quality training”. We’ve been dedicated to improving professional wrestling as a whole through our training program both in and out of the ring.

At the Worldwide Wrestling Dojo you will receive hands on training from international professional wrestler, owner and head trainer Cheeseburger accompanied by international women’s champion Sumie Sakai. This program includes access to great connections and opportunities to interact with many wrestling veterans, staffers, and promoters.

Born out of the remnants of the former Ring of Honor Dojo, The Worldwide Wrestling Dojo officially opened it’s doors on June 21, 2018. After over a decade of excellence, the ROH Dojo decided to close and re-locate out of state. Cheeseburger had spent the last 5 years working as an assistant trainer with ROH. Facing closure, he instead decided to further cultivate the wrestling community in Bucks County. This gave birth to The Worldwide Wrestling Dojo. Soon after launch, international champion Sumie Sakai joined the coaching staff giving the Worldwide Wrestling Dojo a uniquely diverse roster of coaches.

The motto is simple, “Quality talent needs quality training,” and we provide that every session. As a world class training center, we regularly offer learning opportunities beyond the normal curriculum. This often takes the form of guest trainers, hosting seminars or student exhibitions in front of live audiences.

Since opening in 2018, several of our students have worked for major organizations. Some have even to signed contracts.

As team of teachers and students, we build the history of The Worldwide Wrestling Dojo together. We invite you to join our team and help us write that story.

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