Tony Khan Comments On AEW Dark Plans Moving Forward


AEW will be moving their Dark tapings to a studio setting. It’s going to be held at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida.

AEW President Tony Khan confirmed in a pre-AEW All Out media call this is the plan. He wants to bring back the spirit of WCW Worldwide tapings at Universal Studios with these tapings.

During an interview with Bleacher Report, Khan talked about the change. 

Khan on planned changes for AEW Dark: “I’m not going to tape AEW Dark every week going forward. We’re filming Dynamite, Rampage and Elevation in the arena, so now I think it’s a great time to focus on Dark for developmental. I will be putting together some studio show cards. We’ll have some fun events to announce soon for fans to attend AEW Dark. I’ve got one venue that I have a hold on and then sometimes, we will still film in arenas. There will still be stars making appearances and working with the young talent. During the pandemic, Dark has been so great at helping us identify the young talent who are making huge strides. A number of young wrestlers who have come from Dark have made it to TV such as Will Hobbs, Red Velvet and The Varsity Blonds. I really think that show has helped strengthen our roster and build our young talent for the future.”

Tony Khan on seeing All Out as a great entry point for fans to come back to wrestling: “I think this would be a great entry point to get back into wrestling. We launched two years ago and have built a great audience in a short time. I think we have a good track record of providing good PPVs and this is by far the best one yet. It has the most exciting lineup with the most star power. We’ve got the great wrestling that our fans have been accustomed to getting and have devoted their attention to.”

On All Out bringing back lapsed fans: “This show is going to bring back fans who haven’t watched wrestling in a long time, and I am going to be cognizant of that and try to make sure we deliver something very special that will make them want to keep coming back. There are people who are going to be watching this PPV who haven’t watched in a long time, and a lot it will be because of the anticipation of CM Punk’s return to the ring, and not just for any match, but coming back for such a hot promotion at such a hot time, and against the hottest young wrestler in the business.”

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