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Tony Khan Comments On Licensing Action Bronson’s “The Chairman’s Intent” For Hook’s Entrance


We reported late last week here on eWn that SPIN did a feature piece on AEW President Tony Khan.

In it, Khan commented on making the decision to have Hook use Action Bronson’s “The Chairman’s Intent” for his entrance theme.

You can check out some highlights from the article below:

On the importance of entrance music to wrestlers’ presentations: “I always did consider music. The wrestlers’ entrance themes could get the fans more excited about these wrestlers and make their appearances feel special.”

On licensing “The Chairman’s Intent” for Hook: “I didn’t know about the song until Hook introduced me to it. And the song was perfect. I closed my eyes and visualized Hook coming out to it. It made a lot of sense. And when I heard Action Bronson was a fan and wanted to work with us, I liked it even more.”

“You are often left to wonder what he might be thinking with these strange things that he does, the lack of effort he puts into things, and then when he does try. Why does he decide to try? What are these things that make him try in these matches when the switch flips and then he actually starts wrestling? Where’s his head at? In addition to the lyrics fitting his character, it’s just a kick-ass song that gets you excited to watch a wrestling match.”

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