Tony Khan Discusses The Possibility Of A Forbidden Door 2 Event, More


During Friday’s media call to promote this Sunday’s AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view event, AEW President Tony Khan commented on the possibility of a Forbidden Door 2 event taking place in the future, Zack Sabre Jr.’s mystery opponent on Sunday night, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the media call below:


On Bryan Danielson being out of the show: “Bryan Danielson is so valuable to the company, backstage and of course on-screen. And most importantly on-screen, fans were so excited for Forbidden Door, him wrestling Zack Sabre Jr. I think it was, the anticipation was there. We had been hoping that we could really start building it up, and Bryan was really starting to feel well I think after Anarchy in the Arena. And when he had any doubts whatsoever, I just didn’t want to take a chance. And if he’s not feeling 100% all of the time, there’s not any sense in taking any chances. So I shut him down, and I think it was the right thing to do.”

On being able to introduce a mystery opponent for Sabre: “That being said, it was one of those also perfect situations. Because rarely do the stars align where you have a mystery opponent and a chance to build up a moment like this. And it’s very fitting to go back to the United Center, where we’ve only had one show. And you know, it was a great moment, and I know for sure we’re going to have that great moment.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of great moments I expect on the show. But one thing I know is this great moment, when we introduce Zack Sabre Jr’s mystery opponent. I’m really excited about it and I wish it had happened under different circumstances.”

On of he’s considered a second Forbidden Door show: “Yes, absolutely! I’ve thought a lot about it. And we’ve already discussed the possibility of Forbidden Door II based on the success already we’ve had from this event selling well over $1 million in tickets. And now because we’ve opened up some seats with the cool stage we put in, I think we can get more fans in. So there are a few seats left in Chicago, but it was sold out. And we’ve opened up more seats but they’re going quickly.

“So I don’t know, I think it’s been so successful of an event that we have to plan to do it again. I think a sequel is to be expected. And it would be great to get some of those wrestlers back [who are currently injured], but who knows? Next year, you can always have people get injured.”

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