Tony Khan & Jade Cargill Discuss Using Cody Rhodes’ Old Stage Elevator


During the post-AEW Double or Nothing media scrum, AEW President Tony Khan and TBS Champion Jade Cargill commented on Cargill using the elevator that was previously used for Cody Rhodes’ AEW entrance.

Back in February, Cargill took to Twitter and claimed the ‘Codyvator.’ She wrote,

“I’ll take the Codyvator with pride and style. Thank you for an unforgettable banging beginning to my career. Forever thankful.”

During the media scrum, Khan said,

“I guess I’m going to keep using it. Will (Washington), you’re costing me several thousand dollars a week. It adds up to like $150,000 a year [laughs]. It’s great, maybe we’ll keep it. It is great. I thought I’d save $3,000 a week, but you’re [Will] pushing me to keep it, but for the pay-per-view, I thought it was…thank you, Champ [Jade].”

Cargill added,

“We can call it the Money Lift, if we’re going to call it something.”

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