Tony Khan Not Happy With A Recent FOX News Article Regarding AEW’s Ratings


AEW President Tony Khan isn’t happy with FOX News after they published an article that was skeptical of AEW’s ratings. The opinion piece was posted earlier this week and talked about the Jacksonville Jaguars firing their head coach Urban Meyer. The article also talked about AEW “cooling off,” which resulted in Khan taking to social media to react.

Khan took to Twitter earlier today and posted several screenshots of the ratings numbers from Showbuzz Daily. He said,

”Hey @FoxNews it’s amusing hearing you opining about @AEW ratings considering #AEWDynamite on Wednesday has beaten EVERY single @FoxNews show for 6 straight weeks! Here are the recent charts (including this week) to prove it. See you TONIGHT on @TNTdrama 10pmET/9pmCT”

“Thanks @FoxNews, I appreciate that you’ve highlighted @AEW ratings when #AEWDynamite on Wednesdays has beaten EVERY single show on your network for 6 straight weeks. Here are a few more charts, Twitter only let me attach 4 weeks worth to my last tweet! See you TONIGHT #AEWRampage”

“Did you know #AEWDynamite on Wednesdays on @TNTdrama has beaten EVERY single show on @FoxNews for 6 straight weeks? Surely @FOXNews knows as they like talking tv ratings; maybe they should focus on their content instead of playing boar on the floor. See you TONIGHT @ #AEWRampage”

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