Tony Khan

Tony Khan on Post WCW TV Discussions, Wild Gamble on Business Model


Tony Khan was the latest guest on AEW Unrestricted. He discusses how AEW contributes to the wrestling industry, the big gamble that turned into a successful business model, and how in a Post-WCW era, nobody filled the void.

On talking Post-WCW wrestling television with TNT President Kevin Reilly: “You know, 20 years ago, the company that you operate, owned and operated the #1 wrestling company in the world. And you know, if you think about it, really in those 20 years, nobody stepped up to fill the void of your guys’ former company. There’s a great opportunity. There are tons of talented people that are gonna be available next year. We could really look at doing something together here. And Kevin [Reilly] did not blow it off immediately, he was like ‘That’s kind of interesting man,’ and not like committing to talk, like ‘You know, maybe we can have another conversation about this at some point’. So I immediately went back to the bar grabbed Bernie [Cahill], and I was like ‘Alright man, I think I got something going here’.”

The big gamble that some believed wouldn’t work: ” … people told me they thought [AEW] was crazy and it wouldn’t work. Because we don’t do house shows, they thought it was nuts that you’d pay somebody that amount per date. But I think we’ve proven now, we put this deal together, that it is a viable structure.”

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