Tony Khan Provides An Update On Don Callis’ Role In AEW


As we’ve been reporting here on eWn, there has been a lot of talk lately about Don Callis’ status with AEW and Impact Wrestling. During his post-show media scrum at Double or Nothing last night, AEW President Tony Khan provided an update on Callis’ AEW role. Khan noted that Callis was a “huge part” of AEW and has been helping out behind the scenes. He said,

“Don is a big part of our television. Don’s here every week, so Don is with us at AEW. He’s a part of the team as Kenny’s mouthpiece, Kenny’s advisor, and Kenny is on the show every week so Don is on the show every week, and every pay-per-view. As long as Kenny is the champion, Don is a huge part of AEW. Don is an important member of the team here every week.

I mean, he’s been [helping behind-the-scenes]. He helps with Kenny’s segments, and he’s involved, and he’s a consultant backstage. I mean, that’s pretty much the same. He’s doing that here and there was a point where he’s been here every week. I think it makes sense. We’re doing TV now, we’re going back live in a few weeks, so he’s going to be here. We got Kenny against Jungle Boy in two weeks… Kenny is defending all the titles, he’s got the IMPACT Title, the AAA Title, and we’ll see but I think he’s going to be with Kenny wherever Kenny is. I think Kenny is signed here for years, so I think Don will be here for years, like it or not.”

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