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Tony Khan Reveals Who Brought His Attention To Nick Wayne


During a recent appearance on the “MegaCast” podcast, AEW President Tony Khan commented on Darby Allin being the person to bring his attention to 16-year-old wrestler Nick Wayne at DEFY Wrestling’s Year V event last month. Khan said,

“Darby and I are very close, we’re like twin sides of the same coin [laughs]. There is probably nobody I have less in common with, that I have a better connection with than Darby. He is absolutely the person that brought Nick to my attention. He’s trained with Nick since he was a young kid. I told, ‘When he’s 18, I would love to have him.’ I really took Darby’s word for it. That’s my guy, Nick Wayne, when he’s 18 years old, I can’t wait for him to step in the ring for us. I give Darby all the credit for spotting him. They trained together for a long time and Darby is a fixture. In Seattle, we have probably the two most popular wrestlers out of the Washington area specifically in Darby Allin and Bryan Danielson. They both are very adept at scouting wrestlers.”


While AEW has offered a contract to Wayne, he will have to finish high school first and then can sign the contract when he turns 18.

(h/t – Fightful)

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