AEW President Tony Khan

Tony Khan Says 2021 Was AEW’s Best Year Yet


Tony Khan sat down with AOL to talk about AEW’s 2021. 

The AEW President stated during the chat that he thinks this year with both its business and its roster grow was the best they’ve had since launching in 2019. 

“I think 2021 was the best year we have ever had in AEW,” Khan said. “Our four pay-per-views this year represented our largest buy totals we have ever had. In particular, the last two shows are the two biggest pay-per-view buy totals and biggest revenue shows we have ever done. We also expanded our television, adding our second show on a second night.”

Khan also talked about moving Dynamite from TNT to TBS starting next Wednesday. 

“There’s a great history of wrestling on TBS,” Khan said. “Now we have the power of both networks behind us. There are a lot of advantages because on Wednesdays we’ll see far fewer sports-related time shifts and preemptions than we have had in the past. It was something we dealt with. There were times we had some of our biggest momentum and we were hit with time shifts and there was nothing we could do about it. It’s a great solution.”

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