Tony Khan Says He Wants Everyone To Know That AEW Is For Everybody


AEW President Tony Khan was recently interviewed by Fighting Illini. Tony discusses the debut episode of AEW Dynamite and why he enjoyed it, as well as his desire to create a wrestling show for all audiences.

Below are some highlights:

Tony Khan On What He Loved About AEW Dynamite On TNT’s Debut:

“It was great. I was really happy to meet the fans, so happy. And people were really excited about the show, and it shows because a lot of people came and watched it in person and on TV. So it was great.”

Tony Khan On What He Wants To Champion Through AEW:

“We’re bringing a focus on wrestling. We’re bringing an emphasis on wrestling matches and action taking place in or around the ring. We’ll do great interviews too, but in these segments, we can do it all in the arena and around the ring. We can do some stuff backstage; we just don’t spend half the show backstage. We want to offer people a show that doesn’t insult their intelligence, and really, it’s a fun show to watch. It’s a fast-paced show to watch and has the best wrestling action, but also has the best wrestling personalities. I want everyone to know that AEW is for everybody.”

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