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Tony Khan on My Mom's Basement

Tony Khan Says WWE Reached Out To Use AEW Stars For Non-Wrestling Projects


During a recent appearance on the “My Mom’s Basement” podcast, AEW President Tony Khan commented on WWE recently reaching out to him to use some AEW Superstars for non-wrestling projects, the way AEW books Sting, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On whether he’s ever talked to Vince McMahon and WWE contacting him to use AEW stars for non-wrestling projects: “No. Never. I’ve heard from them recently. I’ll break this news here and I don’t think it’s being aggressive for me to say it. They are doing documentaries and a lot of the biography shows, and they wanted to use some of the people here. They wanted to interview some of the people that wrestle here that used to wrestle there and some people that have had history there or [with] the other libraries that they own. So, we’ll see. I think I’m open to talking. I heard from them and they were very nice. We’ve heard a couple of other things [from WWE]. We heard from them last year – Chris Jericho did the thing with Steve Austin, and that made sense to me because of Steve. I trust Steve and Chris completely. It was super classy. As long as everything’s classy, and just the way they approached me was very classy. So, I have nothing bad to say about that. So, I don’t know if we’ll see that … but I’m considering some of these requests on some of these biographies, and it was actually a very nice call I received the other day. But I’ve never actually talked to Vince himself.”

On AEW’s booking of Sting since his comeback: “Sting had wanted to get back into wrestling, and now he’s like an every week wrestler. I take a lot of pride in wrestling in pairing people up and finding pairs that work…..Sting, since he’s come back, [Darby] and Sting have not only become really close and honestly like friends, but Darby has inspired and told him and helped him believe in himself. Now, look at Sting regularly wrestling on Dynamite. And every match they’ve won. Look, it had been a while since Sting had won wrestling matches. The last time we saw Sting, he wasn’t winning matches. The whole time he was back in his last run in the competition, they screwed him out of multiple matches. Let’s be honest. And he should have been presented better and that’s one thing I won’t back down on. Sting deserves to be treated like one of the great legends in wrestling and I set out to do that from the beginning with him. And I think he and Darby have had a great year.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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