AEW President Tony Khan

Tony Khan Shares When He Plans To Make Announcements About The Owen Hart Cup


AEW teamed up with the Owen Hart Foundation (founded by Martha Hart) to honor the late great wrestler. Part of the collaboration will include the launch of the Owen Hart Cup Tournament with the winner receiving “The Owen” cup. 

AEW President Tony Khan sat down with Robbie Fox on ‘My Mom’s Basement’ podcast  During it, he noted he would be making announcements about the tournament in the next few weeks after Dynamite returns to its normal Wednesday time slot as the show airs on Saturday night the next two weeks. 

“I am gonna make announcements [about the Owen Hart Cup] in due time, but I think we’ve got a couple big weekends. It’s unusual doing Dynamite on a Saturday but we always do Rampage Friday night so it’s a great chance to make a go of it.

And I think for when we’re back on Wednesday night Dynamite, I plan to make more announcements about The Owen and I just — when we talked to Martha Hart originally, [Chris] Jericho, who’s another good friend to Barstool and a good friend of mine and Martha Hart’s, put Martha and myself together on Zoom during the pandemic and we Zoomed a bunch of times and built a friendship and I think Martha’s got something really special that she wants to share with the wrestling world which is the legacy of Owen Hart and it’s up to her and she has the choice of what wrestling company, if any, she wanted to work with to disseminate and really help build that indelible legacy of Owen Hart. This really great, important person in the history of pro wrestling and I’m just glad AEW’s gonna be for a long a time, the legacy of Owen and The Owen. This tournament is gonna be really special and we’ll announce more about it but I’m excited to tell you more.”

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