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Tony Khan on My Mom's Basement

Tony Khan Talks His Favorite AEW Matches Of 2021, Breakout Performer Of the Year


AEW President Tony Khan made a recent appearance on My Mom’s Basement where he talked about his favorite AEW matches in 2021 and more. Here are the highlights: 

His favorite AEW matches in 2021:

 “Favorite TV match would be St. Patrick’s Day Slam, Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa in a Lights Out Match. Favorite pay-per-view match would be Young Bucks vs. Lucha Brothers in a Steel Cage Match at All Out. I also thought CM Punk vs. Darby Allin was outstanding. There’s been so many great pay-per-view matches. Darby and MJF had such a great match at [Full Gear]…..I would absolutely say the 30-minute draw between Danielson and Omega would be right there with the Britt and Thunder Rosa match. Fenix and PAC vs. Young Bucks match from April 14 was outstanding. Also, we opened the year with Kenny Omega vs. Rey Fenix.”

Breakout performer of the year: 

“In my opinion, it was Dr. Britt Baker, the world champion. We talked about how I thought that was my favorite TV match, and she went from there and took that platform in the big main event match on Dynamite at the St. Patrick’s Day Slam. She didn’t win the Lights Out Match, but she proved how tough she was by fighting through it. She really took that and built off that performance in that match and she kicked ass the rest of the year. She’s not only had great wrestling matches, but she’s really built herself a star. Another great champion I think had a breakout year, Darby Allin as TNT Champion, and what a breakout year he had. He’s had these amazing matches with CM Punk and MJF.”

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