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Tony Khan Talks The Possibility of AEW PPVs from the UK


During a new interview with VultureHound, All Elite Wrestling the president Tony Khan discussed the possibility of the promotion eventually running pay-per-view events from the United Kingdom. It is often a point of contention with United Kingdom fans that WWE has never brought WrestleMania to that area of the world.

Tony Khan acknowledges this, as well as the passion of the United Kingdom fanbase and says that soon they hope to run events live from that part of the world that would stream in the afternoon on the same day in America, similar to what NXT does with their United Kingdom TakeOver events:

“I think something that we can offer, I hope we do, and I plan to offer is shows here because there’s a great fanbase here. There’s a definitely a proven live audience that will come attend the shows. There’s a great television and pay-per-view audience here as well. Also, there’s a great chance to market that content back home to the American fans. If there was a show that had an 8:00 p.m. start time, it’s a pay-per-view here in London and at one of the great arenas that we would like to work with, that’s a still a very reasonable start time on a weekend. You could see a 3 p.m. start time on the US East Coast, a noon start time (on the US West Coast). These are great times to watch wrestling on a Saturday or Sunday. So I definitely think there’s a lot of potential to expand the partnership in a lot of ways and then obviously, in terms of our television product, there’s a lot of opportunities there as well.”


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