Tony Nese Comments On WWE Shutting Down 205 Live & More


AEW star Tony Nese was interviewed by Joey G. for Wrestling Headlines as he spoke about his WWE run and the company shutting down 205 Live. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Tony Nese on WWE shutting down their YouTube show: “We were doing that show the 205 Life. We had our own little YouTube show about 205 Live. Social media is getting big, we see how Woods is doing big things with UpUpDownDown, and everything so we’re like, ‘let’s create something of our own where everyone can kind of see us in our everyday lives.’ How the cruiserweights hang out together on the road and all that stuff. Really great concept, but the problem was we got shut down by the company so they were like, ‘Hey, you guys got to stop filming this stuff and put it out.’ We did have a lot of like backstage stuff and everything.”

On a big entrance he had planned for WrestleMania: “We had to create a WrestleMania entrance, and this was before I did Mania, but obviously I wasn’t going to get this entrance. Yeah, the idea was that I don’t remember it word for word, but I do know that the idea is I come out. And as I’m doing the AB count, you know, we have fireworks going off…eight times. First, my music plays it starts off with a chorus, because like my song was like, Whoa, right? So we actually have like, you know, some high-end New York chorus. And they’re doing that part for a while and then it starts to break out into the guitar part and I’m coming down…ascending from the heavens, I’m coming down on this, this whatever they use a crane or whatever. And as I’m coming down, the light shines on just me. And that’s when I start the ab count. And we got fireworks each time I counted or whatever. Yeah, so I believe that was the idea of the entrance. And honestly, I just want to say, you know, AEW might have the budget for this. I would say in WWE, there was a 100% chance that would never happen. Right? I’d say in AEW, there might be a 10% chance that that could happen.”

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