Tony Schiavone Admits Running Sting vs. Hogan On Nitro Was A Mistake


During the latest edition of his “What Happened When” podcast, former WCW broadcaster and current AEW commentator Tony Schiavone recalled WCW re-running Sting vs. Hollywood Hogan the night after WCW Starrcade 1997. The match was a rematch from the night before, and took place on Monday Nitro. According to Schiavone, it was a mistake to do the match for free the next night after the pay-per-view.

Schiavone said, “Of course it was. It was a mistake for anybody who said, ‘Well, I bought the pay-per-view,’ right? They’re giving away this for free.”


Sting and Hogan wrestled for only about six minutes before Nitro went off the air, resulting in a no-contest finish. Sting’s reign as WCW World Champion only lasted for 11 days, despite being built to for over a year.

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