Tony Schiavone At WWE HQ Update + A Total Divas Preview


— Tony Schiavone is appearing on the upcoming OMG! The Top 50
Incidents in WCW History DVD for WWE. Schiavone was at WWE Headquarters recently
and that was to film footage for the DVD, which will be released on August 12th.
The synopsis is below (via WrestlingDVDNews):

Relive iconic moments such as Hulk Hogan joining the
n.W.o., Magnum T.A. and Tully Blanchard’s infamous “I Quit Match”, the Horsemen
assaulting Dusty Rhodes and dozens of others in this countdown.

Hear stories from the men who lived these moments…Tony Schiavone,
Booker T, Vince Russo, Big Show, DDP, Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Nash and

— Here is an early preview for this Sunday’s WWE Total Divas broadcast:

“Flirting With Fandango: Summer Rae’s relationship with
Fandango moves to the next level; Brie can’t enjoy being a bride; Trinity goes
behind Jon’s back and betrays him.”

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