Tony Schiavone Wants WWE To Induct Lance Russell Into The Hall Of Fame


On the latest episode of his “What Happened When” podcast, AEW commentator Tony Schiavone recalled working with Lance Russell on WCW commentary and declared that Russell deserves a spot in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On working with Lance Russell: “I love Lance Russell. You know, I did get a chance to work with Lance in WCW. Lance was a really intelligent wonderful man, he was. And I remember listening to some of his older stuff. I didn’t listen to much of it. But back in the day and everything, everything I listened to. I just loved what he did.”

On his belief that Lance should be in the WWE Hall of Fame: “It goes back to this Hall of Fame thing We talk about is he in the WWE Hall of Fame? [No] So when you and I have talked about a lot. What do you think about the WWE Hall of Fame? There’s a reason why I think I should never be in it. Because Lance Russell, Bob Cottle and many of the guys who have been regional announcers before should be in there long before I should ever be in there. And if they are not there, then I scream cream bulls**t.”

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