Tony Schiavone Weighs The Pros & Cons Of AEW Allowing Talent To Work Indie Dates


Tony Schiavone recently took to his “What Happened When” podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including AEW President Tony Khan allowing some of his talent to work indie shows.

The AEW commentator weighed the pros and cons of the cross-promotional appearances and the risks involved for the talents who work independent dates.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On AEW talent being allowed to work indy shows: “Tony Khan lets guys work independently. There’s a lot of cons to it if you ask me. The pros are the guys and girls get to work more, they get to learn. The cons are, are they really learning to work because … a lot of independent promoters I don’t trust … Do they have medical staff on hand? No. I don’t think, I may be wrong. Do they have coaches to help them along? No. Wrestlers these days need coaches, back then they didn’t. These days they need coaches.”

On the risks for talent who do independent dates: “He is putting his career in jeopardy because, you know, they do crazy things. Is he getting the guidance he needs to put together a good match?”

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